Planning does not have to be a grave affair.

We are a law firm making Wills & Estate Planning into a fuss-free and seamless experience.
Our lawyers are equipped to help you navigate through the processes, be it from creating a Will or obtaining Probate.

Engage us at W Legal Group with the comfort of knowing that you will be taken care of.

It’s as simple as ABC

Step 1: Chat with the W Legal Group Team

Tell us what you’re looking for, whether it be what you’d like to include in your Will or whether you’d like to know how to obtain Probate.  

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Appoint us as your lawyer by signing and returning our engagement letter.

Why choose W Legal Group?

Transparent fees

No surprises. All costs will be clear to you from day one. You will always know how much our fees are beforehand.

The human touch

Be taken care of by your own wills and estates lawyer in Melbourne (yes, an actual person!) with your own dedicated support crew. We’ll ensure you have a smooth and stress-free process.

Highly experienced

What you need is a lawyer who has seen it all. If anything goes wrong (touch wood), we know exactly how to fix it.

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Our personalised Wills and Estate service

Streamlining processes

Making a will or applying for grants should not be too costly or take up too much of your time.

At W Legal Group, we believe in streamlining the Wills and estates process for our clientele and being the bridge between legal jargon and the layperson.

This means you no longer need to worry about what your next steps are. We will walk you through the processes from writing a will, to obtaining grants of probates or letters of administration

Fixed Fees

There will be no more guesswork when it comes to what you are paying your lawyers. We believe in fixed fees, which means your time is better spent on issues that really matter.

Expert Navigation

Grants of probate or letters of administration must be obtained through an application with the Supreme Court and about 95 percent of applications are filed by solicitors or trustee companies.

We believe that this process should not add further stress and confusion to your position as an executor. Rest assured, your application to the Supreme Court will be handled efficiently and that beneficiaries of the will can be cared for.

Trusted Lawyers

Clients across Australia and internationally reach out to us when in need of legal advice and guidance. We stand firm in our values to provide quality legal services

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