For Victorian property developers, we’ll manage your subdivision from start to finish

We offer an all-inclusive fixed free subdivision package which includes all conveyancing work including matters pertaining to the transfer of land, registration of land titles, and keeping your lender up to date.

If you’re thinking about a subdivision, contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Step 1: Tell us about your Subdivision Plans

There is a wide range of Victoria based subdivision projects that we can assist with, ranging from your two-lot subdivisions to multi-Lot subdivisions, and your subdivision involving a NICO Transfer to subdivisions forming an owner’s corporation to manage the common property areas.
Each property project is its own, so let us know what your circumstances are so we can guide you through the processes.

Step 2 – We prepare the paperwork

Once we have obtained the necessary information from you, we will prepare the required documents to ensure the subdivisional plan can be successfully lodged.
This process may also involve speaking with your lender of Title and or caveators to ensure they too, consent to the registration of the new proposed subdivision plan.

Step 3- Lodgement of the new Subdivision Plan

We will lodge your application for the registration of the new subdivision Plan with Land Use Victoria

Step 4 –New Subdivision Plan Registered

The new subdivision plan is now registered. Each Lot will now have its volume and folio number. You can now deal with each new Lot as you wish.

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What costs are not covered by our service fees?

We will lodge the documents after all required documents are issued by your surveyors. When processing the lodgement, the lodgement fee, PEXA fee, and any other third parties’ costs are not covered by our service fees as these are charges levied by third-parties. The lodgement fee is the payment to the land registry for registering the proposed plan and issuing the new titles. The PEXA fee is a payment to the online platform for submitting the application. If there is a bank involved, some banks might levy bank charges for issuing required documents for subdivision use.

How long does it take to subdivide property in Victoria?

Lodgements are now submitted online which helps fast-track the process slightly. Generally, Plans of Subdivision are registered within 15 business days from lodgement date assuming the land registry does not have any additional requirements or amendments to the Plan. Priority Plans (>10 lots) have a target timeframe of 5 business days that the land registry will try to work to. Timeframes achieved are dependent on the complexity of the plan and requisitions, if any, involved. Timing may also depend on the caseload of the land registry.

What will happen to my land after the subdivision?

Once we have submitted the lodgement and the subdivision has been processed, the current land on title will no longer exist and instead a new title will be allocated to each of the new lots. This means that the subdivided lots may be the subject of transactions individually with their own title, without affecting other lots in the land.

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