Australian Federal Budget 2023 

The Australian Federal Budget (‘Federal Budget’) for 2023 holds particular significance for the real estate sector as it shapes Australia’s path to easing the threshold for property ownership and the impacts of the housing crisis.    Home Guarantee Scheme Overview The Home Guarantee Scheme (‘Scheme’) in Australia is a government initiative aimed at assisting 35,000 eligible … Read more

What is a restrictive covenant? Can it be removed?

Property developers and owners need to determine if their land is affected by any restrictive covenants before developing or conducting works on the land or property. What is a Restrictive Covenant?    A restrictive covenant is an agreement that restricts the use or enjoyment of a landowner’s land and how the land may be developed. … Read more

When Do I Need Building Insurance?

Homeowners often renovate their properties before selling. But whether you’re renovating for a sale, or just want a new kitchen island, Domestic Building Insurance (‘DBI’) may be required. See our checklist below to find out if this applies to you.   What is DBI?   DBI, formerly known as Owner Builders Warranty Insurance, protects homeowners from defective … Read more

Subdivision 101 – How do I subdivide my land?

What is a Plan of Subdivision? The Plan of Subdivision is a registered Plan drawing (recorded in the Land Registry) that records land boundaries, land size, and placement of easements of the property. To subdivide your property, an application is made to the Land Registry for a new Plan of Subdivision to be recorded in … Read more

What is a “covenant”? How does it affect my property?

You may have heard this term ‘covenant’ or ‘restrictive covenant’ when looking into property. But what exactly is it? And why is it important for property buyers and sellers?   What is a restrictive covenant?  A restrictive covenant, or more commonly known as just a covenant, is a private agreement or contract between neighbouring landowners. … Read more

looking develop land

Looking to develop your land? Here are 4 things to look out for 

Purchasing a block of land is an exciting process to bring to life your dream home on a blank canvas. However, we have seen mistakes you can try to avoid. In addition to planning permit requirements and specific regulations, there are various other means by which property development can be restricted, including the following:   Easements  … Read more

pool spa regulations

How the new regulations on swimming pools and spas may affect you 

Since 01 December 2019, there are new laws requiring all property owners to erect safety barriers for their pool and spa. Here are some important things you need to know:  Victorian Building Authority (VBA) requirements  Does my pool or spa require building the barriers?  For pools and spas with water depth of or more than … Read more

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