How to avoid Unfair Dismissals in a Small Business

The Fair Work Act establishes rules about terminating employment in a lawful and fair manner. Although there are many reasons employment can end, workplace laws set out the required procedure to follow in order to avoid the unfair dismissal of an employee. Whether the employer’s business was is a large or small business is relevant. … Read more

Minimum Entitlements – A Case Study In Wages

All employees in Australia are governed by different legislative instruments. The purpose of these instruments is to protect the rights and entitlements of employees. The Fair Work Act 2009 (‘the Act’) sets out minimum entitlements that all employers must provide to their employees. Wages One entitlement we are most familiar with is wages. The Fair … Read more

What Should I Check Before Signing An Employment Contract?

Congratulations on your job offer! But before you sign your new employment contract and start celebrating, it is important to understand the terms of your employment.   Here we’ll outline the key things you should look for. Your Rights and Entitlements Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), all employees in Australia are entitled to the … Read more

How do I know whether my employee falls under NES or a Modern Award?

Pay rates and workplace conditions are governed by one of the following legal instruments in Australia – National Employment Standards (NES), Modern Award (‘Award’), or Enterprise Agreement (EA). The NES and Award applies more often to small or medium businesses. What is the NES? The NES is applicable to all employees in Australia. It sets … Read more

How do I ensure workplace compliance for my business?

What is workplace compliance? There are laws and regulations in Australia that applies to all workplaces, no matter the size or the industry. Workplace compliance in businesses means following the relevant laws and regulations for your industry. This is important to ensure a safe, fair, and healthy work environment for your employees. This, in turn, … Read more

What are my rights as an employee in Australia? 

In Australia, all employees are governed predominantly by legislation or industrial instruments (ie. agreements). The Fair Work Act 2009, or ‘the Act’, plays one of the biggest roles in protecting employee rights in Australia, though certain states maintain its own state-based workplace relations system. National Employment Standards (NES) The Act sets out the NES, which … Read more

What is considered unfair dismissal? What should I be wary of?

What is an unfair dismissal? Unfair dismissal is where: What are the employer’s rights? Employers must understand the process and procedure for bringing employment to an end. The issue to avoid here is whether the employer’s act can be classified as unfair dismissal. Employment can end for various reasons, including: Depending on the size of … Read more

Attention Employers- Amendments to the Fair Work Act

On 6 December 2022, The Federal Government has passed the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022 (‘the Amendment Act’), which will affect employment agreements and contracts. Here we discuss some of the key changes to employment contract compliance requirements Fixed or Maximum-Term Contracts    Traditionally, fixed or maximum-term contracts prevent employees … Read more

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