What am I looking for at my Final Inspection?

Final inspections occur within the final week prior to the day of settlement. As a purchaser, you are entitled to check your purchased property to ensure the property is delivered in the same condition as of the day of sale.

Be thorough – check before you sign!

It is good practice to take as many photographs as possible of the land/property before to signing the contract as evidence of the condition of the property on the day of sale. This can be particularly helpful if you find the condition of the land/property purchased has changed significantly at the final inspection.

Goods Included with the Property

Your contract will state what items or goods are included with the purchase of the property. During the final inspection, you are looking to check whether the items/goods remain at the property. For example:

  • Has the washing machine been removed even though the contract states it is part of purchase?
  • Have all the remote controls to the garage been provided?
  • Have the keys to all the doors and windows been provided?

State of Repair and Condition of the Property/Land

In most States, the vendor is responsible for keeping the state of the property/land as it was on the day of the contract signing, but subject to reasonable wear and tear.

If the state of repair and/or working condition is different from on the day of sale, you may request the Vendor to rectify the defects identified. Examples include:

  • Are there unfilled holes in the land on the vacant land?
  • Have rubbish or building materials been left behind that should not be there?
  • Is the rangehood working like it was on the day of sale?

Issues Identified at Your Final Inspection – What Should You Do?

Defects found in final inspections are treated differently throughout Australia. For example, in Victoria, where the condition of the property has changed significantly, a purchaser may request the vendor to rectify the defect or cover the costs of repair/rectification.

Should you find damages, defects or alterations to the property that was not there during your first inspection, raise it with your solicitor/conveyancer. They will be able to assist you in seeking a resolution for the defects found.

How can W Legal Group help?

We can provide you legal advice on how to get the most out of your inspections! Contact us at (03) 9590 6180 or email via hello@wlegalgroup.com.au.

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