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Premium services offered

We provide the following premium services across Hobart and Tasmania:

Conveyancing – Purchasers

  • all conveyancing work to take you from purchase through to settlement
  • contract review
  • negotiation and advice on contractual terms you may wish to include/exclude as part of your offer
  • liaising with your bank to prepare funds for settlement
  • preparation of the relevant transfer and revenue office forms required
  • liaising with the Vendor’s solicitors to prepare the relevant documents and calculation of final balance payable at settlement
  • settlement agent attendance

Conveyancing – Vendors

  • all conveyancing work to take you from sale through to settlement
  • all conveyancing-related disbursements including water, utilities and council searches
  • liaising with the Purchaser’s solicitors to prepare the relevant documents and calculation of final balance payable at settlement
  • settlement agent attendance

Conveyancing – Title Transfers

  • liaising with the mortgagee (if applicable) for their consent
  • providing copies of required documents to your bank or lender
  • preparation of title rectification documents
  • lodgement of documentation and engagement with the Land Titles Office to enable the rectification
  • any required post-lodgement follow-up on matters

Conveyancing – Contract Reviews

  • Before you sign any documentation to purchase a property, it is important to read the fine print and understand any exclusions, covenants, restrictions or peculiarities associated with the property
  • Our conveyancing services include a full review of a contract. We’ll provide you with a summary of our key findings so you can be fully informed when you bid for your property

Conveyancing Hobart

The sale and purchase of a property is a life-changing event for most. Therefore, the team at W Legal Group is on hand to ensure your interests are protected. Our team is dedicated as well as experts in conveyancing Hobart, which is a benefit to the clientele we serve.

Tips for Purchasers

You are responsible for doing your due diligence to ensure you are happy with the property purchased. We can direct you to which searches to obtain to ensure you have all the information on the property you seek to buy.  

Tips for Vendors

A vendor statement (or a property disclosure statement) is not required in Hobart. As a vendor, you are not required to disclose a minimum set of specified information about the property to the purchaser.  You should, however, advise the purchasers of adverse title restrictions on the use of the property.

The sale or the purchase of a property in Hobart typically involves three stages:

Before contract signing

From contract preparation to contract reviews and pre-purchase enquiries, our team will ensure that your interests are protected, whether you are the vendor or purchaser.

Before settlement

Whether for a vendor or purchaser, we can navigate you through the paperwork for transferring property and provide you with a checklist of things to complete before the settlement date.

After settlement

From informing the selling agent of settlement completion to attending to post-settlement stamp duty assessments and title lodgements, our team is equipped to ensure property ownership is successfully transferred.

About W Legal Group

W Legal Group was established in 2011 and delivers premium services to its clients in Hobart. W Legal Group has built expertise in all areas of property law, conveyancing and ancillary services.

What sets us apart is the consistency and efficiency in the delivery of our services. We care about the client experience and provide personalised support and service when you need and want. We are always looking to represent clients who appreciate our quality of service and would value the opportunity to represent you.

Our fixed fee guarantee

We will never surprise clients with unexpected fees. Once we provide you with our quote, our fees are fixed and cover everything necessary to complete the work. If your scope of work changes, we will always advise you first if there will be more associated costs.

Our value proposition

  1. Deep bench of lawyers and conveyancing experts
  2. Multilingual capability able to service all clientele
  3. Highly experienced to deliver reliable service
  4. People, processes and systems to ensure consistent high-quality service
  5. Exceptional client satisfaction

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