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Running a business can have its challenges. W Legal is here to support you, with our team of legal experts ready to advise on your compliance obligations in line with legislation and industry standards.
Let us help you so you can focus on what you do best!

Step 1: We get to know your Business

Our team will meet and get to know and understand your business, then review your workplace practices to identify gaps and advise on appropriate solutions.

Step 2: We come up with your custom plan!

We guide you on the best approach and practices to protect and ensure your business is compliant with industry standards and best practices. This may include tailored workplace contracts and agreements, custom workplace policies, and even training to support your business needs.

Step 3: Get a Quote

Our fixed fees mean our fees will never come as a surprise. If you require additional services, we’re more than happy to provide you with our quote.

Step 4: Subscribe to our Compliance Subscription

This is the all-in-one business compliance solution for your business.

From just $1200 – $2000 per month*
*Pricing based on the size of business

The world changes fast and so do rules, regulations and industry best practices. We can help your business maintain your compliance obligations after implementing your business plan. Our subscription provides you with the following:

  • Annual compliance checks on NES/ modern awards requirements and workplace policies;
  • Complimentary updates on documents we have prepared for you, including employment contracts, agreements, custom workplace policies;
  • Legal compliance support from our team of lawyers;
  • Topical factsheets prepared by our team of lawyers;
  • Guaranteed quick responses and turnarounds.

Let us take care of your business compliance needs by contacting us and subscribing to our business compliance subscription today.

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What workplace law-related services do you provide?

These are some of the popular employment law services we offer:

  • Employment Contracts and Agreements.
  • Custom workplace policies from staff handbooks, and standard operating procedures to privacy policies.
  • Modern awards determinations
  • Modern awards compliance checks.

What are the National Employment Standards, and how do they affect my business?

As an employer, it is important that you are compliant with workplace laws.

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 11 minimum entitlements that apply to all employees in Australia. These minimum employment standards include work hours, arrangements, leave entitlements, etc.

In addition to the NES, specific industries also have modern awards for employee entitlements. Market-sounding remuneration is exposure and risk for any business owner. Speaking with us to ensure your business is compliant would be a good idea.

What are the benefits of implementing workplace policies?

By having custom workplace policies in place, your business can benefit from consistency in its managerial and operational procedures. Proactively managing risk by providing clear standard operating procedures to your employees helps reduce detrimental workplace claims.

Why do I need custom business/workplace policies?

Policies clearly set out the expectations of the business and transparency to employees on its day-to-day operations. Businesses need to have clear guidelines in the workplace. Policies will minimise ambiguity and disputes relating to potential competing interests. Well-drafted policies help to reduce time on people management, shifting focus and priorities to business growth and profitability.

What do I need to provide employees before the commencement of their employment?

Employers must provide employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement which details their rights under the National Employment scheme. It is also best practice to have a contract in place before an employee commences to mitigate conflict and issues down the track.

How can employers prevent discrimination in the workplace?

An employee has the right to feel safe in the workplace for which they work.

Employers can facilitate this by implementing anti-discrimination policies and introducing processes to address discrimination events.

Complaints should be dealt with promptly, and discipline procedures should be carried out where appropriate.

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